Fly on a helicopter, watch the yacht villa at Marina Hoi An project

Voucher up to 150 million VND with tickets to visit the project by helicopter, the entire cost of staying at a 5-star hotel… are waiting to be presented to customers when ordering villas with marina at Marina Hoi project

With the advantage of coastal roads, connecting river routes, in line with the orientation of developing cruise tourism products, Co Co coastal and riverside routes connecting Da Nang – Hoi An are really promoting the potential, this It also means that real estate with marinas is being upgraded and has great attraction to customers and investors.

As a rare project that owns a marina with 30 final products, limited edition, Marina Hoi An is not only an investment channel that is applying many attractive sales policies, the project also shows its viability. High profit with the advantage of competitive position, especially in the middle of the two tourist centers of Hoi An and Da Nang. The project is invested by Royal Capital Group, and Cen Mien Trung is a business development unit.

Marina Hoi An has a safe legal property

According to the newly launched sales policy, with only VND 100 million, customers will have the opportunity to reserve a “super product” place next to the marina at home, receive a total discount of up to 7%, flexible payment mode. within 90 days, divided into 3 installments, each installment is equivalent to 30%, 50% and 100% of the contract value.

Especially for traditional customers, who used to own products deployed by Cen Mien Trung and partners of affiliated real estate exchanges, receive many “terrible” discounts and incentives, which are valuable gifts in the future. The day of the opening of the list, including: buy a product at Marina Hoi An, get 1 voucher up to 150 million, a ticket to visit the project by helicopter to enhance the experience and the cost of staying at a 5-star hotel…

Marina Hoi An is the focus of value investment

Named as a high-end product line, Marina Hoi An with diverse products, subdivisions of riverfront villas, owns a marina… Therefore, these products not only have valuable facades, but also spread and enhance them. value for the region. The value is enhanced and the level of recognition of each villa is also in the name of each city, which are famous marinas in the world such as Victorya Marina Villas, Monaco Marina Villas, Kathatrine Marina Villas, Hercules Marina Villas….

Royal Capital Group is no stranger to investors in Vietnam, this brand has also developed globally with large projects bearing the breath and bold style of Hoi An ancient town with architectural style combining European Modern Europe. Not stopping there, the fact that Royal Capital Group “shakes hands” with Cen Central and prestigious real estate exchanges has shown that both investors, developers and distributors have the desire to raise the project level. high-class level, giving customers the most satisfaction about products at the location that was the former trading port of Hoi An, now invested and built as a unique marina in the Central region and the whole country.

(According to Auction Newspaper)

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