Wyndham Hoi An Royal Beachfront Resort won the highest award from VCCI

VCCI has voted Wyndham Hoi An Royal Beachfront Resort – Royal Capital Group’s masterpiece on the East Coast as one of the Top 5 most favorite resorts in 2023.

Recently, Business Forum Magazine (VCCI) announced the highest awards of the year, the Project Worth Living 2023 for urban areas, social housing, and resorts. In this year’s resort category, Quang Nam Province has only one representative named in the top 5 most favorite resorts in 2023, Wyndham Hoi An Royal Beachfront Resort, a resort owned by the Royal Capital Group, managed and operated by Wyndham Hotels&Resorts.

Less than 5% of VCCI’s 2 thousand listings are awarded Project Worth Living. This shows that to receive certification, projects have to prove their true superiority and advantages.

Representative of Wyndham Hoi An Royal Beachfront Resort received the “Most Favorite Resort 2023” award by VCCI.

To win this award, during the past 3 months, Wyndham Hoi An Royal Beachfront Resort has not only satisfied millions of tourists and readers reflected through the quantity and quality of their reviews on Business Forum Magazine but also has passed the strictest assessment standards for design, quality, service, innovation, uniqueness, and sustainable commitment from a Council of more than 20 leading industry experts.

Director of Sales & Marketing Mr. Jaques Wayne said: “We are extremely proud to receive a prestigious national award for tourism. The award has great meaning because it affirms the brand value and the path we pursue. This is also a source of encouragement for us to continue to make greater efforts in improving service quality and perfecting customer experience.

Nestled on the romantic Ha My Beach on Lac Long Quan Street, the beautiful road connecting the two tourist cities of Da Nang-Hoi An, is only 20km from Da Nang International Airport, Wyndham Hoi An Royal Beachfront Resort is considered a center connecting famous destinations.

From here, tourists can easily move to the most famous tourist destinations such as Hoi An Ancient Town, Marble Mountains, My Son Sanctuary, Hue Ancient Capital, Cu Lao Cham Island, Montgomerie Links golf course, An Bang Beach…

The resort includes 497 condotels with 4 different room types with full views of Cu Lao Cham island and 69 detached garden villas with two to three bedrooms, suitable for living space for families or groups of friends.

Each villa has large bedrooms with a sea or garden view, a kitchen, a living room, a balcony, and a private swimming pool with high-class furniture. The garden-to-garden design and the main elegant white color of the villas create a delicate and unique attraction for the resort.

In addition to owning a beautiful location and airy green space, Wyndham Hoi An Royal Beachfront Resort always offers all the appropriate and classy facilities to cherish and serve any of the smallest needs of travelers.

In particular, Wyndham Hoi An Royal Beachfront Resort also provides a shuttle bus service to Hoi An Ancient Town, helping visitors fully experience the local beauty and culture.

Wyndham Hoi An Royal Beachfront Resort’s excellent recognition in VCCI’s highest award of the year after only 3 months of opening, demonstrates the class of a resort invested by Royal Capital Group and managed by Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.

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